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Agamata Associates offers a variety of services including the following listed:


1.       Proposed Developments

2.       Cost-to-Complete Estimates

3.       Existing Developments (replacement or reproduction cost estimates)

4.       Rehabilitation and Remodel Cost Estimates

5.       Real Estate Appraisal Support Services (*)

6.       Prepare Cost Estimates from Schematic, Conceptual, Preliminary or Final Drawings

* Include cost estimates, area calculations, improvement description, and a depreciation cost analysis if required.


1.       Review Project Status

2.       Review Progress payment applications and provide recommendations

3.       Provide itemized completion percentages (SPREADSHEET)

4.       Comments on Compliance with plans and specifications

5.       Photographs


 The “Spreadsheet” includes an itemized percentage completion by contractor or borrower, side by side with our own independent inspection estimate of percent completion for comparison. The spreadsheet is designed to assist loan officers or relationship managers and administrators track the progress of their construction projects helping them to make sound judgments and decisions in the disbursements and transfers of contractual funds.